Field Guide & Photo Permission

After reading carefully our permission statement below, please go to our online-submission system to agree or disagree with our terms. 


Field Museum would like to your submission to:  
  1. Add your materials to the Field Museum’s central database, a KE EMu Collections Management System;
  2. Make your materials available to EMu users inside the Field Museum and display them to visitors of the Field Guides website
  3. Allow a limited number of high-quality academic/research sites not administered by the Field Museum, like Encyclopedia of Life, to access your materials for scientific/educational purposes and display them with a credit line allowing only for non-commercial use
  4. Distribute your materials under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial License (CC-BY-NC)*  subject to the Museum’s Data Norms**
  5. Include a credit line with your name (e.g., Ⓒ Your Name Here) with your materials


Once you prepare the materials, you can start your online submission process here