Title Guide # Region / Country Category / Subcategory
1349_colombia_peru_reptiles_of_the_lower_putumayo.pdf Reptiles of the Lower Putumayo Basin 1349 Tropical America; Peru; Colombia Animals; Reptiles
1365_usa_sandvalleygolfresort_wisconsin.pdf Wisconsin - Sand Valley: Bringing Nature Back with Conservation Golf 1365 Other Temperate Regions; USA Animals; Birds; Insects; Mammals; Reptiles; Fungi and Lichens; Mushrooms; Plants; Trees
1367_peru_murcielagos_madrededios_cochacashu.pdf Madre de Dios - Bats present in the Cocha Cashu Biological Station 1367 Tropical America; Peru Animals; Mammals
1368_ecuador_aves_del_cerro_teligote.pdf Tungurahua - Birds of Cerro Teligote 1368 Tropical America; Ecuador Animals; Birds
1371_en_chicago_beginners_summer.pdf Illinois - Beginner's Field Guide: Summer in Chicagoland 1371 Other Temperate Regions; USA; Chicago Region Animals; Amphibians; Birds; Insects; Mammals; Spiders and scorpions; Plants
1372_ecuador_plants_hummingbirds_mashpireserve.pdf Quito - Plants of Mashpi Reserve visited by hummingbirds 1372 Tropical America; Ecuador Animals; Birds; Plants
1375_ecuador_alshimoronasantiago_anfibios_y_reptiles.pdf Morona Santiago - Amphibians and Reptiles of 9 de Octubre 1375 Tropical America; Ecuador Animals; Amphibians; Reptiles
 1376_colombia_peru_mammals_of_lower_putumayo.pdf Putumayo - Mammals of the Lower Putumayo Basin 1376 Tropical America; Colombia; Peru Animals; Mammals
1387_colombia_colombia_amphibians_of_miravalles.pdf Meta - Amphibians of Vereda Miravalles 1387 Tropical America; Colombia Animals; Amphibians
1400_brazil_selected_neotropical_stingless_bees.pdf Minas Gerais - Selected Neotropical Stingless Bees of University of Juiz de Fora Botanical Garden 1400 Tropical America; Brazil (Tropical America) Animals; Insects
1409_malaysia_butterflies_of_chemerong.pdf ( Terengganu - Selected Butterflies (Nymphalidae) of Chemerong 1409 Tropical Asia-Pacific; Malaysia Animals; Insects
 1413_brazil_aves_de_jacone.pdf Rio de Janeiro - Birds of Jaconé Restinga 1413 Tropical America; Brazil (Tropical America) Animals; Birds
1421_colombia_butterflies_of_miraflores_picachos_park.pdf Caquetá - Daytime butterflies of the Regional Natural Park Miraflores and Picachos 1421 Tropical America; Colombia Animals; Insects
1436_ecuador_aves_parquesurbanosguayaquil.pdf Guayas - Common Birds of the Urban Parks of Guayaquil and their surroundings 1436 Tropical America; Ecuador Animals; Birds