Title Guide # Region / Country Category / Subcategory
1028_mamiferos_de_yunguilla Pichincha - Mammals from the Yunguilla Conservation and Sustainable Use Area, Tropi-Andino Connectivity Corridor 1028 Tropical America; Ecuador Animals; Mammals
1029_mamiferos_medianos_y_grandes_de_mashpi Pichincha - Medium and Large Mammals of the Mashpi Protected Forest 1029 Tropical America; Ecuador Animals; Mammals
1035_mamiferos_y_aves_de_la_comunidad_sinangoe SUCUMBIOS - Mammals and Terrestrial Birds of Cayambe Coca National Park, Community of Sinangoe 1035 Tropical America; Ecuador Animals; Birds; Mammals
1039_bats_of_serra_negra_da_mantiqueira Brazil - Bats of Serra Negra da Mantiqueira 1039 Other Temperate Regions; Brazil (Other Temperate Regions) Animals; Mammals
1051_bolivia_cerambycidae_of_tahuamanu_biological_station.pdf Pando - The family Cerambycidae of Tahuamanu Biological Station 1051 Tropical America; Bolivia Animals; Insects
1059_colombia_amphibians_and_reptiles_of_bajo_caguan-caqueta.pdf Caquetá - Amphibians and Reptiles of Caguán-Caquetá 1059 Tropical America; Colombia Animals; Amphibians; Reptiles