Title Guide # Region / Country Category / Subcategory
1220_guyana_selected_birds.pdf Selected Birds of Guyana 1220 Tropical America; Guyana Animals; Birds
1215_colombia_serpientes_del_valle_de_aburra.pdf Antioquia - Serpents of the Aburrá Valley 1215 Tropical America; Colombia Animals; Reptiles
1213_ecuador_amphibians_of_selva_viva_reserve.pdf Napo Province - Amphibians of Selva Viva Nature Reserve 1213 Tropical America; Ecuador Animals; Amphibians
1210_ecuador_fauna_registrada_mediante_trampas_fotograficas.pdf Pambilar – Fauna registered through camera traps in the Zona Baja Cotacahi-Cayapas 1210 Tropical America; Ecuador Animals; Birds; Mammals
1209_costa_rica_bats_of_the_golfo_dulce_region.pdf Puntarenas - Bats of the Golfo Dulce Region, Costa Rica 1209 Tropical America; Costa Rica Animals; Mammals
1205_guyana_lizards_of_rupununi.pdf Rupununi - Common Lizards of the Rupununi (Region 9) 1205 Tropical America; Guyana Animals; Reptiles
1204_guyana_frogs_and_toads_of_rupununi.pdf Rupununi - Frogs and Toads of the Rupununi (Region 9) 1204 Tropical America; Guyana Animals; Amphibians
1203_guyana_common_snakes_of_rupununi.pdf Rupununi - Common Snakes of the Rupununi (Region 9) 1203 Tropical America; Guyana Animals; Reptiles
1202_guyana_selected_fishes_of_the_rupununi.pdf Rupununi - Selected fishes of the Rupununi (Region 9) 1202 Tropical America; Guyana Animals; Fishes
1201_usa_land_snails_and_slugs_of_chicago.pdf Illinois - Land Snails and Slugs of Chicago 1201 Other Temperate Regions; USA; Chicago Region Animals; Other invertebrates
1200_usa_freshwater_mollusks_of_chicago.pdf Illinois - Freshwater Mollusks of Chicago 1200 Other Temperate Regions; USA; Chicago Region Animals; Other invertebrates
1173_paraguay_amphibians_and_reptiles_of_ypoa.pdf Central and Paraguarí - Amphibians and Reptiles of the Wetland Complex of Ypoá 1173 Paraguay; Tropical America Animals; Amphibians; Reptiles
1167_mexico_butterflies_of_gomez_palacio_university.pdf Durango - Butterflies of university Gardens at Gómez Palacio 1167 Other Temperate Regions; Mexico Animals; Insects
1164_brazil_primates_of_itatiaia_national_park.pdf Rio de Janeiro - Primates of Itatiaia National Park 1164 Tropical America; Brazil (Tropical America) Animals; Mammals
1157_colombia_bees_of_los_besotes_natural_park.pdf Wild Bees of the Regional Natural Park Los Besotes Valledupar 1157 Tropical America; Colombia Animals; Insects
1144_ecuador_fauna_registrada_mediante_trampas_fotograficas.pdf El Ángel - Zona Alta Cotacachi-Cayapas - FAUNA registered through camera traps 1144 Tropical America; Ecuador Animals; Birds; Mammals
1137_colombia_birds_of_hidroprado.pdf Tolima - Birds of HidroPadro Dam 1137 Tropical America; Colombia Animals; Birds
1134_colombia_amphibians_and_reptiles_la_avispa_natural_reserve.pdf Caquetá - Amphibians and Reptiles of La Avispa Natural and Ecotouristic Reserve 1134 Tropical America; Colombia Animals; Amphibians; Reptiles
1126_peru_bats_of_the_tambopata_national_reserve.pdf Madre de Dios - Bats of the Tambopata National Reserve 1126 Tropical America; Peru Animals; Mammals
1125_colombia_protozoa_algae_and_macroinvertebrates_of_the_campos_de_cristo_cemetery.pdf Cundinamarca - Protozoa, Algae and Macroinvertebrates of the Campos de Cristo Cemetery 1125 Tropical America; Colombia Algae; Animals; Other invertebrates
 1123_peru_fauna_of_reserva_nacional_pucacuro_registered_by_camera_trap.pdf Loreto - Fauna registered by camera traps of the Pucacuro National Reserve 1123 Tropical America; Peru Animals; Birds; Mammals
1120_brazil_mammals_of_caldazinha.pdf Goiás - Mammals of Caldazinha (Fazenda Santa Clara) 1120 Tropical America; Brazil (Tropical America) Animals; Mammals
1119_colombia_birds_of_guasca_tabio_and_guatavita.pdf Cundinamarca - Birds of the High Andean forests of Guasca, Tabio and Guatavita 1119 Tropical America; Colombia Animals; Birds
1118_colombia_birds_of_el_caduceo_natural_reserve.pdf San Martín del Meta - Birds of El Caduceo Natural Reserve 1118 Tropical America; Colombia Animals; Birds
1117_peru_birds_of_the_rio_grande_basin.pdf Cajamarca - Birds of the Rio Grande Basin 1117 Tropical America; Peru Animals; Birds