Title Guide # Region / Country Category / Subcategory
1145_belize_epiphytic_plants_of_bacalar_chico_national_park.pdf Corozal District - Epiphytic Plants of Bacalar Chico National Park 1145 Tropical America; Belize Plants; Epiphytes
1143_brazil_ferns_and_lycophytes_of_serra_furada_state_park.pdf Santa Catarina - Ferns and Lycophytes of Parque Estadual da Serra Furada 1143 Tropical America; Brazil (Tropical America) Plants
Rio Grande do Sul - Seeds of threatened trees and palms 1142 Tropical America; Brazil (Tropical America) Plants; Seeds
1141_bolivia_hippeastrum_of_madidi_region.pdf La Paz and Beni - Hippeastrum (Amaryllidaceae) of the Madidi Region 1141 Tropical America; Bolivia Plants
1140_brazil_orchidaceae_of_grumari.pdf Rio de Janeiro - Orchidaceae of the Environmental Protected Area of Grumari 1140 Tropical America; Brazil (Tropical America) Plants
1139_brazil_piperaceae_of_serra_da_tiririca.pdf Rio de Janeiro - Piperaceae of Serra da Tiririca 1139 Tropical America; Brazil (Tropical America) Plants
1138_brazil_plants_of_morro_da_pescaria.pdf Espírito Santo - Plants of Morro da Pescaria Natural Park 1138 Tropical America; Brazil (Tropical America) Plants
1135_ecuador_plants_yachay_dry_montane.pdf Imbabura - Plants of Yachay Dry Montane 1135 Tropical America; Ecuador Plants
 1133_ecuador_flores_comunes_de_los_paramos_y_bosques_montanos_.pdf Morona Santiago, Chimborazo and Tungurahua - Common flowers of the páramos and montane forests of the Sangay National Park 1133 Tropical America; Ecuador Plants
1132_ecuador_plants_of_pilchi_cocha.pdf Orellana - Common Plants of the Pilchi Cocha Lagoon 1132 Tropical America; Ecuador Plants
 1131_mexico_orchidaceae_los_tuxtlas_region.pdf Veracruz - Orchidaceae of the Los Tuxtlas Region 1131 Tropical America; Mexico Plants
1130_brazil_croton_of_itatiaia_national_park.pdf Rio de Janeiro - Croton of Itatiaia National Park 1130 Tropical America; Brazil (Tropical America) Plants
1129_brazil_white_sand_vegetation_flowers_and_fruits.pdf Amazonas - Flowers and Fruits of White-Sand Vegetation 1129 Tropical America; Brazil (Tropical America) Plants
Imbabura - Plants of the forest remnants of La Carbonería 1127 Tropical America; Ecuador Plants
1124_common_plants_in_different_states_of_life.pdf Cundinamarca - Common high-Andean forest plants in different states of life 1124 Tropical America; Colombia Plants
 1115_ecuador_medicinal_plants_of_the_chakra_kichwa_at_the_alto_tena_community.pdf Napo - Medicinal Plants of the chakra Kichwa at the Alto Tena community 1115 Tropical America; Ecuador Plants; Useful plants
 1113_ecuador_edible_plants_of_the_kichwa_chakra_kichwa_at_the_alto_tena_community.pdf Napo - Edible Plants of the chakra Kichwa at the Alto Tena community 1113 Tropical America; Ecuador Plants
1110_ecuador_plantas_conspicuas_de_yasuni.pdf Orellana - Conspicuous Plants of Yasuní 1110 Tropical America; Ecuador Plants
1108_brazil_plants_of_wet_fields_of_serra_do_cipo.pdf Minas Gerais - Plants of Wet Fields of Serra do Cipó 1108 Tropical America; Brazil (Tropical America) Plants
1099_colombia_seeds_of_cartagena_botanical_garden.pdf Bolívar - Seeds of Cartagena Botanical Garden 1099 Tropical America; Colombia Plants; Seeds
1097_peru_plants_of_panguana.pdf Huánuco - Plants of Panguana Biological Station 1097 Tropical America; Peru Plants
1092_brazil_plants_of_maraponga.pdf Ceará - Flora of the Lagoa da Maraponga Ecological Park 1092 Tropical America; Brazil (Tropical America) Plants
1091_peru_plants_of_torontoy_and_qorihuayrachina.pdf Cusco - Plants of Torontoy and Qoriwayrachina 1091 Tropical America; Peru Plants
 1090_ecuador_plants_of_cerro_casitagua.pdf Pichincha - Representative Plants of Cerro Casitagua 1090 Tropical America; Ecuador Plants
1089_colombia_plants_of_atuncela-loboguerrero.pdf Valle del Cauca - Plants of Atuncela-Loboguerrero 1089 Tropical America; Colombia Plants