Title Guide # Region / Country Category / Subcategory
999_usa_warblers_of_the_chicago_region.pdf Illinois - Warblers of the Chicago Region 999 Chicago Region; Other Temperate Regions Animals; Birds
881_usa_common_sparrows_v2.pdf Illinois - Common Sparrows of Chicago 881 Other Temperate Regions; USA; Chicago Region Animals; Birds
723_usa_winter_birds.pdf Illinois - Common Winter Birds of Chicago 723 Chicago Region; Other Temperate Regions; USA Animals; Birds
599_usa_common_species_of_burnham_wildlife_corridor.pdf Illinois -- Burnham Wildlife Corridor 599 USA; Chicago Region Animals; Birds; Insects; Mammals; Plants; Terrestrial herbs; Trees
593_usa_chicago_summer_birds_b1.pdf Illinois - Common Summer Birds of Chicago 593 Chicago Region Animals; Birds
Illinois -- Common Species of Pembroke Township, Kankakee County Illinois -- Kankakee County - Common Species of Pembroke Township 578 Chicago Region Animals; Amphibians; Birds; Insects; Reptiles; Plants; Shrubs and treelets; Terrestrial herbs; Trees