Submit photos & information

Apart from the field guides webpage, we also manage the Live Plant Photos. In this photo gallery, photos are displayed in a larger size than those in the field guides and are organized by family. We created this website to show some of the images used in the guides to improve identification. If you are interested in sharing your high-resolution photos to a broader audience, there will be an option to do so in the online submission form. 


Please note that submitting your high-resolution photos are optional. Sharing your photos on our other websites (e.g. Live Plant Photos) and aggregator sites (e.g. Encyclopedia of Life)  will help others to better identify the species displayed on your field guide. 

Submitting high-resolution photos

To prepare your photos for submission, please rename your high-resolution images used in the field guide to the following format: guide number_image number.jpg. Image numbers should be continuous, starting from 1. For example, if your field guide number is 2011, and have 45 images total, you’ll name your images like this: 





Submitting high-quality photo information

If you submit high-resolution photos, we do require data that goes along with photos as well. Please use a template to create a spreadsheet. Each row = each photo


  • file_name: name of the image file

  • scientific_name: it should be the full taxonomic name including author’s name

  • photographer: Photographer’s full name 

  • date_photographed: Date that a photograph was taken in order of day (one two digits), months (3 uppercase letters), and year (4 digits), - (hyphen) in between. 

e.g.  3-May-2018, 15-Feb-2018

 *NOTE: If the date or month is unknown, please use “00” as date and month 

e.g. 00-00-2019

  • country: Name of the country where photo was taken

e.g. USA 

  • state: Optional. Name of the state where the photo was taken

e.g. Illinois

  • city/town: Optional. Name of the city/town where photo was taken. 

e.g. Glencoe

  • precise_locality: Optional. 

e.g. Chicago botanic garden 


Once you prepare the materials, you can start your online submission process here!