Submit photos & information

Submitting your high-resolution photos are optional but there are several advantages in doing so:

  1. Display them on our website: If you have plant photos, we can display them on our other Field Museum  webpage, called the Live Plant Photos, to share with a broader audience.  We created this website to show larger sizes of the  images used in the guides to improve identification. 

  2. Share them with other aggregator sites: We can share your photos to aggregator sites such as Encyclopedia of Life in the future. This will generate a global access to your work and plant knowledge, allowing others to better identify the species displayed on your field guide. 

  3. Archive your work Long-term: The Field Museum has a robust collection management system (KE-EMu) for the long-term preservation of digital assets. So we can archive your photos in a safe space for free. 

Once you prepare your images and associated spreadsheet, you can submit them through Submittable.

Preparation of Image Files 

Please keep in mind that we are especially interested in the following images:

  • Identified images with genus, species, and family information, preferably by an expert

  • High-resolution images with a file size greater than 500KB

  • Images of species not currently represented on the website OR of species already 

  • represented on the website but showing plant parts not shown on the website (e.g., leaves, stems, flowers, fruits, seeds)

  • Images that show key traits that help identification

Step 1: Curate Images:

  • Select best images for uploading

  • Make necessary edits, brightness, contrast, etc

  • Convert Camera RAW, TIFFS to DNGs files to JPGs

  • No file size limit but preferably >500KB

Note: Multiple images for a given specimen (e.g. both sides of the leaves, flowers, fruits, trunk, etc) to capture different plant traits are encouraged. 

Step 2: Format file names

File names can not contain spaces or special characters, except for the underscore “_”. e.g. NP00023_MAY1990.jpg

Preparing a spreadsheet 

Step 1: Download a spreadsheet template 

Download a  spreadsheet template and name the downloaded file as: Photographer’s Initials_month & year the file was created

  • Photographer’s initials should be two letters in uppercase, months should be in 3 uppercase letters, and year should be in 4 digits.

e.g. CV_MAY2019

e.g. NP_JAN2020

Please use one spreadsheet per Field Guide. Include all photographers who have contributed to this specific Field Guide in one spreadsheet.

Step 2: Enter the required information in the spreadsheet  

Field Guide Name: Name of the field guide photos were used  

File Name: Should be an intuitive/logical name with no space or no special characters, except for the underscore “_”. e.g. NP00023_MAY1990.jpg

Full Taxonomy Name: Should include author’s name and any qualifiers

Date Photographed: Date that a photograph was taken in order of Day (one two digits), months(3 uppercase letters), and year (4 digits), - (hyphen) in between. 

e.g. 3-May-1990, 15-Feb-1990

  •  If the date or month is unknown, please use “00” as date and “XXX” as month

Photographer's Full Name: full name of a photographer with no abbreviation. There should be only one photographer per image  

Country: Country where a given photograph was taken

State/Province, City/Town, Precise Locality: These geographic information are optional. If not known, leave it empty.

Precise Locality:The specific description of the place (optional) 

e.g. Example: Bariloche, 25 km NNE via Ruta Nacional 40

Grouping: This is the number you assign to each photo (1 to n) to group an individual plant with multiple photos. For example, if you have three pictures of a leaf, flower and fruits of the same individual plant, you can label with the same number(1, 1, 1). This way, they will be grouped together.

Copyright: We offer 3 copyright options: CC0, Field Museum CC BY-NC, or [photographer’s name] CC BY-NC.  Use one of the three copyright options and enter the information for each image in this column. Please make sure to read the “Field Guide & Photo Permission” section on our website for more detailed information. 

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