Before You Start

Field Guides are practical tools for the identification of living organisms and material culture to facilitate research, education and biocultural conservation of our planet. 

Before you start creating a field guide, please make sure that all of your answers to the following criteria questions are “Yes” 

  • Do you have high-resolution images?

  • Do you have highly reliable identifications of those images?

  • Does your guide focus on organisms, field stations, or protected areas for which few guides exist?


If the guide you have in mind does not fit these criteria but you feel it is a good fit for our site, write us at

Apart from the field guides webpage, we also manage the Live Plant Photos. In this photo gallery, photos are displayed in a larger size than those in the field guides and are organized by family. We created this website to show some of the images used in the guides to improve identification. If you are interested in sharing your high-resolution photos to a broader audience, there will be an option to do so in the  online submission form. 

General workflow of the publication process is illustrated in the diagram below. You’ll be submitting all of your materials online. Then the Field Guide team will review all your materials and follow up with you within 10 days. You’ll revise your materials and re-submit them online. Note that you may have to revise and resubmit several times. After the Field Guide team accepts your final version, your guide will be published online. On average, the whole process takes between 4 - 6 months. Please note that once your work is accepted for publication, you can only modify the content by filling out this form.





You’ll be submitting all the materials online and will be asked to prepare: 

  1. Photo permission form

  2. Field Guide in pdf 

  3. High-resolution photos used in the field guide (optional)

  4. Photo information (e.g. names of species and photographer, country) used in the field guide (optional) 

We describe each material in detail. See a dropdown menu on “MAKE A GUIDE” 

When you prepare all (or some) of the materials, click here to submit your field guide!